what is a chatbot?

Chatbot is like an app inside a messaging app except users don’t have to download anything in order to use it. All they have to do is send a message to your Facebook page. Cahtbots are ran by artificial intelligence rules.

Chatbot gives you the ability to communicate with your audience and followers without your presence.

Currently the most popular chatbots are in Facebook Messenger. With chatbot companies are in contact with their target audience all the time.

Today chatbots represent a new innovative way to communicate with your audience.

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Why your business should have a chatbot?

 Daily actiive users in so called messaging apps beat daily active users on social media. Which means more people hang out in messengers than on social media. Because of this more and more companies are investing in developing so called Chatbots.

People nowadays spent more time in so called messengers. That means that people spent more time chatting than to spent time on social media. That means huge opportunity for businesses or brands.

Just because of this trend big names in business such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla and Microsoft are investing big money in artificial intelligence. 

Image that right now you could go back in time at the beginning of the Internet with the knowledge you have today. What you could do with it before a lot of people will still be in dark.
Chatbots represent the next big thing right after the Internet. 

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Chatbot

1. Scale up your operations: Where live agents can handle only 2 to 3 conversations at a time, chatbots can operate without an upper limit.

2. Handles a lot of Customer Queries: If your business receives a lot of inquiries, chatbots can take the load off your customer support team.

3. For range of identical products or services: Chatbots can assist customers in getting the right product or service.

4.Selling to the Millennials: Millenials prefer live chat over phone calls. So, introduction chatbots in your customer service will be a prudent investment.

5. Marketing content through Online channels: For online communication channels chatbots can be useful in simplifying certain tasks.

6. For interactive Marketing Platform: You can use chatbots for a highly interactive marketing campaign.

7.To drive up Organizational Efficiency: If you are burning too many resources backend support, chatbots can be your way out.

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